Cutler Group is a quantitative market making firm.

We combine expertise in mathematics, technology and finance in an attempt to be the lowest cost, most efficient producer of liquidity in the US exchange traded equity option space. Our longer term goal is to create a unified system that efficiently trades and risk manages across all listed electronically traded derivative product in the US.

Our intention is to create a culture that identifies, motivates and supports highly talented individuals, and then gives them the space to learn, grow and ultimately produce outstanding results. We foster a very open, collegial environment where sharing information and new ideas is strongly encouraged and rewarded, and decision making is done purely based on the merits of the analysis.

We do our best to hold important human values such as kindness and integrity above the intention to make money.

If that sounds interesting and you are confident that you can demonstrate an elite skill set in either writing highly optimized code or solving very complex quantitative problems in an elegant way then please feel free to contact us.