Cutler Group is a proprietary trading firm headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Chicago and New York. Our primary focus is option market making. We are members of most major US stock and option exchanges.

We have two basic parts to our business

  1. A trader “partner” business whereby we have contractual (but not employment) arrangements with individual traders and small trader groups. Our partners are able to utilize our infrastructure and services in an independent way within our regulatory, compliance and risk oversight framework. In our “partner” arrangements traders act as market makers or firm traders, from one of our offices, from the floor of an exchange or from another remote location. We provide complete front to back solutions for market makers and market takers. We can also support an independent code base using our network and feed infrastructure, which includes direct exchange connections and raw unconsolidated data.
  2. A “firm” side that operates under conventional employer-employee arrangements. Our firm business is a relatively small team of very high performing individuals working closely together to develop, implement and operate a leading edge quantitative trading system. Our primary focus is option market making with some emphasis on longer term volatility prediction and betting strategies.